Risk Management

A variety of control measures can be used to manage specific risks associated with occupations. Employers and Employees all need to be familiar with the guidelines contained within the Work Health and Safety Act 2011:

The Act covers all industries and shows the Duty of Employers which includes;

  1. Identifying the hazards.
  2. Assess the risks that may result because of the hazards.
  3. Decide on control measures to prevent or minimise the risks.
  4. Implement the control measures.
  5. Monitor and review the effectiveness of the control measures.

The Act is also Clear on the Duty of Workers and states they must;

  1. Take reasonable care for his or her own health and safety
  2. Take reasonable care that his or her acts or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of other persons.
  3. Comply so far as the worker is reasonably able, with any reasonable instruction that is given by the person conducting the business or undertaking to allow the person to comply with this act.
  4. Cooperate with any reasonable policy or procedure of the person conducting the business or undertaking relating to health or safety at the work place that has been notified to workers.