NORM™ – a smart app for smart safety

NORM is an App based tool that is easily downloaded from Apple (iTunes) or Android (Google) and has the following easy to use functions;

Simple voice-over instructions

SMS plus email alerts sent automatically

Automatic Hazard Classification – (standard matrix) – simple slide control

Photo option – (worth a 1000 words)

Text option – (when a few words are needed)

Reports to preselected personnel

Simultaneously notifies multiple people – (as determined by HSE Manager and by hazard class if preferred)

Secure ‘In-the-Cloud’ Web Based Recording, Management & Support

NORM App video instructions

NORM- a smart app for smart safety

NORM ™ is Easy, Simple & Quick for Workers to use

No paper work

No education barriers

No searching for contact numbers

No decisions on classification level

No leaving the site

No time at all – less than 60 seconds to operate

No reason not to report


NORM provides HSE Managers what they Need and Want

HSE gets Lead Data

HSE gets Control over potential hazards

HSE gets to assess true situation and classification

HSE gets reports from workers who otherwise might not bother

HSE gets the ‘back room’ support they need and is easy to manage