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A worker can report a potential hazard without leaving the work site. They can meet HSE reporting requirements without the need to complete any paperwork.


The NORM App uses simple instructions including voice-over. NORM also uses simple slide-controls and all reporting is automatic and recorded in your dedicated web based system.


A worker can report a potential hazard to all key personnel directly from the work site in less than 60 seconds. No need for paperwork, no searching for contacts and no need to leave the work site.

National Occupational Risk Management Pty Ltd is dedicated to providing effective systems that deliver Lead Data to HSE Managers by enabling workers to Easily, Simply & Quickly report Potential Hazards in the workplace without leaving the worksite and without the need to fill in forms and reports.

Workplace health and safety regulations clearly show;

Employers have the primary responsibility for ensuring adequate measures are taken to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees, contractors, sub-contractors, relevant third parties, the public and the environment.


Employees have a duty of care to themselves and others. All employees have a responsibility to participate in and comply with the safety measures implemented by their employer to minimise the risk of injury to themselves and others.

The Challenge

Despite all efforts to induct and educate workers on the importance and need to report all potential hazards both big and small in order to prevent possible accident and injury many potential hazards still go unreported.

If it isn’t reported it can’t be thwarted

Often workers may feel that the potential hazard is not significant and it isn’t really important and/or it is too much time and hassle to down tools and leave their work site in order to report to the site office or safety manager and complete the paper work. In busy situations they may think I can report that later at the end of my shift but of course by then it can slip their minds.

Without such lead data how can the HSE Manager and the system do its job?

NORM™ is a tool that removes all the “hassles” and makes it easy, simple & quick for workers to report Potential Hazards, right from the work site and without the need to fill in any paper work.

NORM™ provides the LEAD DATA that HSE Managers want and need!

NORM™ provides automatic alerts to the right people as nominated by HSE including SMS, Email and automatic ‘in the cloud’ reporting. The NORM system provides an automatic, simple hazard classification, a point from which the HSE manager can start and allows systematic follow up and management of the Potential Hazards.

NORM™ is Easy, Simple & Quick for Workers to Use

No paper work; No education or language barriers; No searching for contact numbers; No decisions on classification level; No leaving the site; No time at all – less than 60 seconds to operate and



HSE gets Lead Data
HSE gets Control over potential hazards and worksite safety
HSE gets to assess true situation and make correct classification
HSE gets reports from workers who otherwise might not bother
HSE gets the ‘back room’ support they need